We know our animals are loveable. Everyone has their own special favorite. They are our family.  Make them part of your family too!  Mbidi is home to over 100 different animals, comprised of well over 30 species covering land, sea and air, including lions, tigers, bears, crocodiles, snakes, a couple of naughty cockatoos, shy and friendly meerkats, and everyone’s favourite mascot…Phumba!

Now you can adopt them and know that your generous donations are contributing to the best care we can provide. Adoption fees go directly to the animals and will be used for care such as food, bedding, medication, veterinary services, enclosure upgrades, construction and maintenance, security, and enrichment items such as toys, special treats, and even (if you’ve been here, you’ll know!) …milk!

We do the best we can to take care of our animals, while keeping our costs some of the lowest in the world. As the saying goes, sometimes it takes a village!


(Level 1)  Mbidi Matron/Patron  R500


Congratulations, you’re a mom. Your generous donation will cover many delicious milky treats throughout your adoption year!  Included in your yearly adoption is a photo and bio of your new family member, and extended visit with him or her, and free admission on your animal’s birthday for you and a guest!


(Level 2) Tannie Warbucks  R1500


Congratulations, you’re a true benefactor and you want to take care of everything. Your donation goes toward yearly medication, toys, bedding and treats. During your year as Tannie, you will receive a photo and bio of your animal, 3 extended yearly visits, and free admission for you and up to 3 others on your animal’s birthday!


(Level 3) Married to Mbidi  R3000


Welcome to the family! You are making a forever difference in the life of your adoptee.  Your generous donation helps provide for the entire animal’s well-being and your very generous donation goes toward every aspect of their health, safety, and happiness. Your adoption fee not only helps cover costs of basic care such as food, medical, enrichment, security and maintenance, but it is precisely donations like this that will enable us to continue making upgrades, to continue building, bettering and extending our Mbidi Animal Family. Your yearly adoption includes pic and bio, free admission for you for 1 year, 6 extended visits, free admission for you and 3 other guests on the animal’s birthday, and a birthday cake prepared specially for your 4, or 8, or no-legged birthday boy or girl!

Any other Donations also very welcome Keep an eye open for our exciting upcoming programs like :

                    • Adopt a cub program

                    • Adopt a project or enclosure

                    • Business sponsorship Program







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