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Mbidi is home to various species of African and international wildlife, including White Lions, Brown Lions, Bengal Tigers (including the extremely rare Golden or Strawberry Tabby), Cheetahs, Wild Dogs, Servals, Meerkats, Warthogs, Porcupines, Donkeys, Ponies, Snakes, Crocodiles, Monkeys,predatory and non-predatory birds, and of course Baloo, our Asian Black Bear. Volunteers at Mbidi have the opportunity to work up close and are encouraged to spend as much time with all the animals as possible. The effort you put in really will determine how close a relationship you build with each animal! that future generations will continue to be able to view these magnificent animals in the wild.







The terms big cat and great cat, while not a biological classification, are used informally to distinguish the larger felid species from smaller ones. A narrower definition of includes five members of the genus Panthera: the tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, and snow leopard. Only members of this genus are able to roar. A more expansive definition additionally includes the cougar and cheetah. Another cat, the clouded leopard is considered an evolutionary link between big and small cats. Aside from occupying the top rung of the predation ladder, the lion also tops the glamour stakes. Sadly, it does have one formidable enemy in humankind, which has expelled it from most of the country so that it now remains almost exclusively in conservation areas.

Very broadly speaking small catsthe wild cats that weigh less than 30kgs.In Africa the 3 big catslion, leopard and cheetah, and the other 7 species are all referred to as small cats.Cats for Africa describes the 7 species of small wild cats of Africa - the caracal, serval, African wildcat, black-footed cat, jungle cat, African golden cat and Sand Cat.Some of the larger small cats are sometimes described as medium sized cats, such as the caracal and serval. However one does not generally use the term 'medium cats' - they are either 'big cats' or 'small cats'.

There are 299 mammal species in South Africa, of which 2 are critically endangered, 11 are endangered, 15 are vulnerable, and 13 are near-threatened. Two of the species listed for South Africa are considered to be extinct.


Reptiles, the class Reptilia, are an evolutionary grade of animals, comprising today's turtles, crocodilians, snakes, lizards and tuatara, their extinct relatives, and some of the extinct ancestors of mammals.





South Africa ranks as one of the top birding destinations in the world, offering an unbeatable combination of variety of birds, well-developed transport networks, and a user-friendly and supportive birding tourism industry.



South Africa's large areas of semi-desert scrub and grassland might suggest a certain poverty of plant life. Aside from the fact that a tract of pristine grassland can hold up to 60 grass species, nothing could be further from the truth.


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